• In wall blocking.
  • Parapet blocking.
  • Trellis/decks/pergolas.
  • Temporary safety items as hoist platform, overhead protections, temporary walls, etc.

UNITED BUILDER CORP. provide wood framing, wood trusses, wall and roof sheathing, window installation, backing, roof blocking etc. If you walk by a construction site and see the building skeleton, it may seem like the real construction work has yet to begin. However, the skeleton, or rough frame, is the most important structural component of the building. Our experienced carpenters work on the rough framing to turn blueprints into the sturdy internal structure of the building. We measure, cut, and assemble lumber for the walls and subfloor, adding anchors and other vital structural supports. We measure and attach studs around the spaces for doors and windows, and sets joists for the ceiling, and trusses for the roof. We may also need to use complicated geometry if the building includes arches or cathedral ceilings.




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